NQN . . . You Should Know the Drill

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So this is NQNQ coming up, meaning No Quarter November Quinquennial, which in its turn means that this is our fifth year of doing this. In dogged pursuit of fiery excellence—fiery but mostly peaceful—we are reprising Saul Alinsky’s sixth rule—”A good tactic is one your people enjoy.” And why wouldn’t they enjoy it?

We are talking about a whole month of unvarnished truth, delivered without any emollients. Who would not be thrilled by something of that nature? On top of that, there will be coupon codes, and giveaways, and all that jazz. As the apostle Peter once said to Barnabas, “you can’t expect to fill Jerusalem with your doctrine without burning a couch or two.”

I do need to go over a few scheduling items. Because November 1 falls on a Tuesday this year, that means I am going to move my weekly letters feature to that Monday, and Tuesday will be the November kickoff. That is also the day when our most excellent video (complete with burned object) will drop, and it is also the day dedicated to the first broadside. But once we are into the month, the November features will usually fall on Mondays and Wednesdays. We are also going to try to do a Q&A thing on Thursday, like we did last year.

Some have wondered what the fire is for. Why fire? One answer is that the month is dedicated to roasting weenies, and the fires are getting bigger and bigger because the weenies have been multiplying at a staggering rate. Something had to be done.