No Spirit Left

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“So this means that Christians who labor now for the eradication of civil vice, folly, corruption, and tyranny—may their tribe increase—are working to shed a Zion light that the nations might enjoy. But when they have succeeded, they will not have achieved a Marxian ‘withering away’ of the state, or some kind of anarchist paradise. They will discover, rather, that they have established Solomonic majesty, true glory, and real honor. If we were given a glimpse of these future rulers now, it would take the breath right out of us. If we were given just a glimpse of the livery of just their servants, there would be, as with the Queen of Sheba, no spirit left in us (1 Kgs. 10:5). And we would sit down in gladness, all our political questions answered” (Empires of Dirt, pp. 82-82).