No Matter How Thin You Slice It, It’s Still Baloney

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I am working my way through a new book, and I cannot wait until I am done before recommending it. Entitled Reclaiming the Center, this book does a number on all the postmodern hooey that is afflicting contemporary evangelical types. The subtitle is “Confronting Evangelical Accommodation in Postmodern Times.” The hooey is decked out in different ways, as with the absurd moniker postconservative, and the contributors to this volume promise to give this nonsense the thrashing it deserves. Of course, from what I have read thus far, it appears they will deliver said thrashing in a courteous, gentlemanly way.

For myself, I could stand to see a good deal more fur fly. What are we to make of postmodern evangelical accommodationists? My tentative judgment is that this is a movement that is straight from the Pit of Hell, old Slewfoot himself is the chief philosopher involved, and all the adherents of this movement, head for head, are all headed straight for the Bad Place. Of course, this initial assessment may need to be nuanced somewhat.

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