Murder and Folly in Atlanta

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The courtroom shooting in Atlanta has served to illustrate, as though we needed another illustration of it, the mind-numbing stubbornness of the current PC codes. The murders of the judge and two others occurred, along with an apparent fourth victim later, because a large, muscular defendant was escorted to court, guarded by a female sherriff’s deputy. He overpowered her, took her gun, shot the victims, and took off. What is astounding in all this is the defense of the policy after the fact. (And, no, I am not maintaining that no male guard has ever been overpowered by a prisoner, etc.) What I am saying — and simply look at the fact that I have to argue for this position! — is that size and strength matters in a job like law enforcement. Further, though I don’t want to go out on a limb here, size and strength have been noticed by some cutting edge researchers to have some sort of corrolation with sex. But the law enforcement establishment down in Atlanta is solemnly maintaining that whether an enforcement officer is male or female has absolutely nothing to do with whether they can do their job. And what this means that though the murderer is directly responsible for these deaths, he is not the only one who bears responsibility. Hatred kills. But so does folly.

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