Missing Something

All this activity by the Panzer Diversity Corps has really got me inspired. Everywhere I look there is something else to say. Something new. Something fresh. Metaphors form in a conga line in my brain, and appear to be having a good time.

Rose Huskey, in a fine fit of “backatcha-ism,” responded to my observations about secret deliberations in violation of Idaho’s open meetings law. For those just in from Mars, those secret deliberations were on whether or not to tag our conservative evangelical church in the first phase of the coming Rainbow People’s Purge. “Should we drop the tolerance hammer on them by name?” was the question before the house. So I have been blogging away on this, doing my faithful duty.

But, as Rose pointed out so deftly, my hands are dirty as well. Did I say that Bill London deliberated with council members secretly? “Well, you are no better, Wilson. You met with the Latah County commissioners openly.” Did I say that these deliberations of theirs were all off the record, contrary to law? “Well, thou hypocrite, you met with the commissioners in the broad light of day, with the whole thing taped, and reporters there. How do you respond to that?”

You know, frankly, I am not sure. Could I be missing something?

“Friend, I am afraid I have to confront you on something. I saw you steal that widget.”

“Yeah? Yeah?! You’re not so hot, Mr. Holy Guy. You left that other widget right there on the shelf in the store, and then drove off. I saw that, and took down your license number for the cops.”

I am open to suggestions. I am seriously nonplussed. I don’t know how to play hard ball with cotton balls.

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