Maybe We Could Quit in the Third Quarter

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This recent collection of quotes basically present an interesting question to us. What are the implications of Christendom being, as the authors argue, “done”? Well, if you are a Christian, and Christendom really is done, then the obvious answer is to rebuild it. Right?

Frost and Hirsch argue that this situation “will require that we adopt something that looks far more like the early church in terms of its conception of the church . . . and its core task in the world.” Right. But you know what the problem is there? That was what created Christendom.

“Remember that year when Nebraska had that powerhouse team? Their defensive front line was just unstoppable — they would just butter the field with the other linemen, even the 300 pounders. What we really need to do this year is to get back to something like that in the first few weeks of our season. And we need to figure out how to do it without winning quite so much.”

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