Massachusetts Hate

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Today marks the second day of Massachusetts’ court ordered, legally sanctioned hatred of bisexuals. By limiting marriage licenses to two and only two people, they have clearly displayed their deep seated animus toward those differently wired people/persons/bi-pedal carbon units who have a sexual attraction for both sexes. Clearly, one beloved cannot be both sexes. However demure and lovely, however studly or curvaceous, such a one cannot be both sexes. This is a simple question of math, which is, as of this posting, still apparently legal. Bisexuality demands a minimum of two other partners. But does Massachusetts care? Ha!

You would have thought that this bastion of liberalism, falsely so-called, would have been able to muster up the courage of their gonadal convictions by now. But no. The hatred continues, unabated. O tempora! O mores!

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