Many Thanks to God

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“The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles” (Ps. 34:17).

I wanted to take a moment and ask all our friends to thank the Lord with us. We just received word that the Attorney General’s office in Boise has dropped the perjury complaint that was filed against me and our church treasurer. Those who want to read the history of that little interesting sideshow in our Moscow can do so in the archives on this blog under Moscow Diversity Cleansing, and look for the entry called “Giving Away Books” (May, 18, 2005).

Anyhow, the charge was about as bogus as a decision by the Ninth Curcuit Court, and I am of course pleased and gratified that it was dropped. I thank the Lord for His kindness, and I want to thank the investigators who were just doing their job.

Of course, whoever originally complained was not doing his job. We have a group of people here who think that officials are there so that intoleristas can hand them a personal or ideological vendetta wrapped up in what looks like official and legitimate concerns about justice, the code, and the American way. That takes a lot of energy. It is not easy for our adversaries to be constantly filing complaints and accusations (which would be time-consuming enough, heaven knows), but their workload is then multiplied by having to do all this while simultaneously pretending that we are harassing them. But there it is.

Many thanks to God, and if you think of the on-going harassments we are dealing with here in Moscow, please thank the Lord with us. One of the more serious complaints has been deep-sixed.

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