Making A Difference

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Given that our culture is in significant disarray (as in, falling apart), many Christian parents have rightly identified the process of secular government education as one of the central culprits. Having made this identification, they have established Christian schools or have begun to home school. They have done this in such numbers that in many locations, they have mounted a significant challenge to the educational powers that be.

And this is all to the good. They got into it in order to “make a difference.” The first goal was to make a difference for their own children, and secondarily for the children of other like-minded parents. But there are only two ways to go from this place. Either the school will fail in this goal, and will not make a significant difference, meaning that it will somehow accommodate itself to the surrounding culture, and simply become part of the landscape. There is an upside to this compromised deal; you leave the enemy alone, and he leaves you alone.

But suppose your school rocks and rolls. Suppose that it begins to present a potent challenge to the educational status quo. The educational establishment may not know how to teach children to read, but it would be foolish to attribute this to a general incompetence. They are quite competent at achieving their real goals, and their real goals include staying in business. They certainly know how to defend themselves, and their vested interests, and their money. Are you a threat to any of these? Then watch your head.

Effective private Christian schools should therefore expect to find themselves as the brunt of slander, lies, political challenges, and so on. This is not a sign that something has gone desperately, terribly wrong.

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