Libel Simpliciter

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Following an argument by Nick Gier in search of a non sequitur is like following a lit fuse in search of an explosion. And mysteriously, Nick talked the Idaho Statesman into publishing an article under the headline “Neo-Nazi Christians make presence felt again in Northern Idaho.” In the past, when Nick has published his screeds in venues like the Toad Flats Sentinel, it seemed best to let it go. But since the editors at the Statesman were asleep at the switch, and their legal boys were apparently all down at Quiznos, a good portion of the southern part of our state were notified today that we are “Neo-Nazi Christians.” What we actually are could accurately be described as evangelical and Reformed Presbyterians. But Nick has never been the master of the nuance.

So let us be clear at the outset. This headline, and accompanying article, are libelous per se, defamatory, false, misleading, untrue, and, for a reputable newspaper, stupid.

This post should not be thought of as an attempt at refutation. I have better things to do than attempt to refute hallucinations. But I have never had an ounce of sympathy for Nazis, neo or otherwise, and this post constitutes my first demand for an immediate retraction and apology.

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