Is Skulk a Great Word or What?

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The word skulk just captures it, you know? For those who read this blog from other parts of the great wide world, I hope the posts on our local intoleristas have not been too boring. But it should really not be boring for anyone, offering, as it does, a window that gives us a view into the human condition. One of the things about it that just continues to amaze me about these secularists (and the Christians who befriend them) is the seemingly infinite capacity for hypocrisy.

A big deal is being made out of the fact that an elected official would receive moral guidance from the church he is a member of. But to remember on Monday morning what you affirmed in worship on Sunday is not a difficult concept — outside of Massachusetts, where John Kerry has admittedly set new records in intellectual schizophrenia. “You have nothing to worry about, Mr. Stalin. While I am ‘personally opposed’ to starving everyone in the Ukraine, I would never dream of allowing my ‘personal convictions’ to affect the way I conduct myself when in office.”

But this is just run-of-the-mill incoherence. The hypocrisy comes from the fact that the people who thumping this particular tub now are the same people who were involved in the fracas surrounding our history conference last February.

And an unelected official, who shall remain nameless, but his name reminds one of the capital of the United Kingdom, was involved at that time in giving illegal advice to members of our local city council on how the city of Moscow ought to condemn our church. The email establishing this illegal activity was given to a local reporter attempting to cover the controversy, and this aspect of the story was of course spiked. But why should it not have been? The Daily News is to journalism what Al Sharpton is to statesmanship.

So. Where does this leave us? Where were we? Oh, right. We were listening to loud cries of anguish about undue influence peddling in local government. How it ought to be declared and brought out into the open. Okay. Let’s talk about it then. We have explained how at least one county commissioner listens to sermons at church. Really bad, I know. Now you tell us about your illegal deliberations.

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