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As some of you know, a week or so ago, the Intoleristas launched a new attack on us here in Moscow. But because their behavior is now getting out to the skinny branches, Jim Fisher of the Lewiston Morning Tribune wrote an editorial that attempted to talk them down out of their tree. “Come to the nice fireman,” was the gist of his article, at least as I would summarize it. Mr. Fisher is a liberal of the classical liberal tradition, which means that he actually tries to apply what he says he believes about things like free speech. This effrontery was too much for Rosemary Huskey, one of the chief whackadoos in the CoFB (Coalition of the Fevered Brow), and so she wrote a letter to the editor, proudly laying out the elements of the Intolerista Creed. I say this, not because I think it would be productive to interact with her magnum opuscule, but rather because it gave me an idea. And so, herewith, I propose a group effort, in which we come up with a bumpersticker sized motto for the Intoleristas. Here are a few suggestions to prime the pump, and I will post others as they get to me.

1. Diversity Until We Get Some!

2. Hidebound Progressive and Proud!

3. Fundamentalists Without a Fundament

4. Free Tibet from People Like Us

5. Scott Bauer Is Too My Name!

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