Impeaches & Cream

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The House Democrats are discovering, and may have already discovered, that undying animus is not the same thing as a plan. The Wile E. Coyote memes appear to be writing themselves. Our deep state denizens are coming to grips with the fact that their unceasing attempts to take our normal kind of dirty politics up three corruption levels was perhaps not—as they so wanted to believe—all impeaches and cream.

The Rant of a Simple Man

The various faults and foibles of our president may be said to have passed into the category of received wisdom. No serious person disputes them, and it is not my purpose to go over all of that in any depth here. His rally speeches are inarticulate. He muscles through gaffes. He keeps absolutely everybody, from the North Koreans to the Washington Post, completely off balance. Some say this is the technique of a master negotiator and 3D chess master, meaning that these faults and foibles are intentional and purposive, while others say that his survival thus far has simply been a series of mind-bending flukes, and the next time will be his downfall. All we have to do, the House Dems are saying to themselves, is light the fuse on this Acme rocket, and the rest of it will just take care of itself.

So the faults and foibles are obvious. Let us grant them. This being the case, our respectable establishment does not comprehend how the president got elected in the first place. They do not grasp why he continues to fill up stadiums with cheering throngs. They do not understand how it is even conceivable that the American electorate might well return him to the White House for a second term. And yet it is conceivable, and so these firm believers in democracy want to remove any possibility of the world’s greatest democracy disgracing itself for a second time.

Why does the respectable establishment not understand the continued viability of Donald Trump as a candidate? Why do they not get it? What the respectable establishment does not understand is this—that they are not respectable at all.

Not only are they corrupt through and through, but they are now seen by pretty much everybody as corrupt through and through. They haven’t looked in a mirror lately. They are so focused on how transparent they think Trump is that they haven’t given a moment’s thought to how transparent they are.

On the one hand we have a businessman from Queens who is, let us be frank, kind of non-pareil gaudy. On the other hand, opposing him, we find all the graveyards of the mid-Atlantic coast emptying out into this zombie apocalypse, with thousands of standing corpses, all liquid with decay. And all of them are pointing an accusatory and bony finger, straight at the president, and they do not understand why the American people are not responding to these accusations properly. Why have we not wheeled on the president, saying fiercely under our breath, “Sir, how could you have dared?”

That’s what they have been expecting, and we haven’t done it. But the reason we haven’t done it is because all of those accusatory and bony fingers have a piece of meat dangling off the end, and we find that simultaneously repulsive and fascinating. Why on earth did the powers that be pick this lot to press the case?

I have been referring to the establishment, and the corruption thereof. I am talking about the corrupt print media establishment, the corrupt broadcasting media establishment, the corrupt intelligence agency establishment, the corrupt book publishing industry, the corrupt movie industry, the corrupt administrative state establishment, the corrupt commies running for the Democratic nomination, and the corruption of all the other people standing around. They do pride themselves on having that respectability shine, but it is the shine of a road kill crow, dead three weeks now, and somebody decided to put three coats of verathane on it.

And by corrupt, lest someone mistake my meaning, I intend to communicate that we are dealing with a spectacular collection of debauched, reprobate, faithless, profiteering, rotten, tainted, unscrupulous, venal, mendacious, base, foul, and treacherous miscreants. They have accused the president, and they do not see that in the eyes of the general population, they are all of them one hundred times worse.

In order for them to understand why their surefire plans have not been working, and will continue to not work, they would have to possess a great deal more self-awareness than they do.