Governor Northam and the Death Chick

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The meltdown that is Democratic Party politics continues apace.

So what happened this last week—fueled in large measure, as you all have no doubt surmised, by Trump Derangement Syndrome—was something like this. In anticipation of Trump possibly getting a third Supreme Court appointment in his first term, certain states like New York and Virginia have gone the ghoulish guardian route. They want to allow for abortions up to the point of labor, and in Virginia some want to allow for it just after delivery. Post-natal abortions, in other words. Infanticide, in other words.

Here’s what went down. Legislation that would allow abortions up to 40 weeks, even after labor had begun, was introduced in Virginia by Kathy Tran. This means that even with New York’s macabre maneuvers, she is already the leading candidate for the 2019 Death Chick of the Year. That same day she introduced legislation that would protect the lives of fall cankerworms, a bill prohibiting spraying during certain months.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the priorities of the modern Democratic Party. You can kill a human child in the birth canal, but you must stay your hand with regard to the fall cankerworm. What are you, some kind of monster?

And then, because whom the gods would destroy they first make mad, the governor of the once great state of Virginia, Gov. Northam, went out there in order to defend Kathy Tran. In the course of his remarks he made things a thousand times worse, by explaining how children could be terminated after they were born. You know, if they were defective or something, they could be kept comfortable while a “discussion ensued” among family members. You know, kind of like the discussion about Governor Northam remaining in office.

There was an uproar about that, and spang in the middle of said uproar, some enterprising soul found a copy of the yearbook from Gov. Northam’s medical school, in which his page had a picture of two dudes, one unrecognizable in blackface and the other unrecognizable in a Klan hood. You know, as in, we have probable cause for believing that Northam was in there somewhere. This was schadenfreudesque because Northam had won his race against Ed Gillespie by slanderously painting Gillespie as a racial bigot.

Get a load of this video from the gubernatorial campaign against Gillespie, this being an ad run by a group other than his campaign, but one that Northam refused to denounce.

We cannot pass this moment by without congratulating the Latino Victory Fund, noting their industrious efforts to elect . . . Coonman!

So then, after apologizing for the photo, Northam then flipped and denied being in the photo, nobody can prove it, but he did go to a party once as Michael Jackson because he knows how to moonwalk in shoe polish. He has topped off this very fine endeavor by refusing to resign. Now the fact that a journalist actually asked for a demonstration of those moonwalking abilities is something that might cause some conservatives to waver, making them want to give a tip of the hat to the media, but not me. I remain strong. That was just a necessary part of this circus maximus, and some questions just have to be asked. And as of this point, all kinds of important Democrats have joined in the melee, calling for Northam to resign, including—et tu, Brute?—Kathy Tran.    

This is for two reasons. The first is because the left’s guiding principle on abortion—choice—does not have a consistent stopping place. They must embrace infanticide because if they reject it, the next question will be why? Why do you reject it? You approve of killing the baby here, but if that same baby moves through the birth canal and is now located a foot and half northwest of where he or she was, you now disapprove? No, there are deep philosophical reasons why the Left cannot say no to this kind of killing. But neither can they afford people like Northam, who make everything too obvious.

The logic of their position requires the deification of choice, and this deity of choice is only to be allowed to reside in those who can register their choices. The defenseless cannot register their choices, cannot vocalize them, and that means that if the defenseless—by their mere existence—start to impinge on the choices of the persons who can register their choices (e.g. by voting for death chicks), then those who have active choosing capacity up and running are allowed to impose their choice on those who cannot prevent that from being done to them. This means infants in the womb, this means newborns with birth defects, and this means patients in comas. Abortion means infanticide means euthanasia. None of these defenseless persons can make their own choices stick, and all of them, by continuing to live, inconvenience the choices of others, the choices of those who are radically selfish and who have shaped that selfishness into a political marching creed.

They also must continue to allow for the march toward infanticide because they know good and well that the logic goes the other way as well. If they insist that the life of a 39-week viable unborn child must be protected, then they know the next question will concern a 38-week unborn child. And that will take us, inexorably, back to the moment of conception.

Those who understand that God is the one who is weaving together a human life, from the moment of conception on, should make a diligent effort to keep the issues clear in their own minds, and among their own people. We are against abortion, period—no matter how many weeks, regardless of rape or incest, and in spite of birth defects. We oppose killing people because they are going to be inconvenient. That’s not a good reason.

But when God strikes our adversaries with a frenzy, all we need to do is watch. We don’t need to straighten out their frenzy in order to keep the issues we are debating “clear.” We have no need to try to keep the Democrats “on point.” We should poke at the incongruities with a stick, but not in the hope of getting them back on track. We should do this because it advances the frenzy, helping it along.

“Really? You are demanding that Northam resign because of that yearbook photo, and not because of his open embrace of infanticide? You object to a decades-old Klan outfit, and you don’t object to him presiding over the approximate 20,000 abortions annually in the state of Virginia? How many of those Virginian kids were black? If it were not for abortion, the black population in America today would be 48% larger than it is. Maybe the advocates of infanticide might be wanting to wait that late for the kill so they can make sure of the baby’s color.”

The other reason has been alluded to already. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a reality. Trump is such a goof, and he just galumphs around the place, putting everything in his inept way, and he presents such manifest and inviting vulnerabilities to the Left and to the Media, but I repeat myself. They just go nuts. The vulnerabilities are of such a nature as to have brought a thousand regular Republicans down to the grave in sorrow. I mean, one tenth of Trump’s monkeyshines would have left any traditional Republican a smoking ruin. And people keep expecting this to happen with Trump. This time he is done. Now there will be impeachment. Finally, proof of Russian collusion.

It is beginning to dawn on them that they have not found his kryptonite, and they are not likely to, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg is looking less and less like a good long range bet. They have to do two things. Fortunately, the next person that Trump nominates to the Court will be a serial pedophile, regardless, which goes without saying, and so that is the first thing they must emphasize. But second, they are also establishing their abortion-must-be-protected-at-all-costs firewalls at the state level. First New York, and now Virginia. But they cannot reinforce these firewalls without revealing their love affair with death to the rest of the country, and their hatred of the image of God in man. And the rest of the country is starting to say things like yikes.

But they are pro-life in some ways. Take the fall cankerworm for instance.