Glory, Glory, Glory to God

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Before reading our text for this morning, I cannot let this moment pass unremarked. As you have already heard in the exhortation, this last Friday the Supreme Court reversed their infamous Roe decision of 1973. That makes this our first post-Roe worship service. And if you are not yet fifty years old, this means that this is the first worship service of your entire life where Roe was not the tyrannical and very bloody backdrop.


The bottom line of this decision is that the Supreme Court has determined that they are not in fact the Supreme Being. The vote on that, incidentally, was 5 to 4.

In light of this momentous gift from God, in the days to come I wanted to ask you to join with me in expressing gratitude to God for three things.

First, the pride of man was destroyed here, and it was destroyed during pride month. Next June, instead of celebrating sodomy, we can remember this as the month that spared about 600,000 little lives annually.

Second, the effect of this decision is to kick the issue into fifty state legislatures. This means the weight of certain responsibilities just got a lot closer to home. Expect to hear a lot more from us about the Hale Institute, and the Idaho Family Policy Center. And thank God with us for the privilege of having such responsibility assigned to us.

And third, America has not yet repented, but this does represent a token for good (Ps. 86:17). God has not forgotten us. Believers mounted an effective resistance to the culture of death, a resistance that spanned half a century. That’s a long war, and so give thanks to God for all those who labored in apparently thankless ways over these last five decades.

We do not yet have our sanctuary, or steeple, or church bells. But please know that if we had our bells, they would have been ringing all day Friday. So instead of that, be sure to give thanks to God. Glory, glory, glory to God.