Getting Hateblotched

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Now that I have been hateblotched (and not for the first time), Gary DeMar sent a note of congrats and encouragement. He too has been hateblotched in the past, and he too had something to say about it.

Those who would like to know what the SPLC game plan is, here are a few articles to get you up to speed. Gary addresses them here and here. Robin Phillips also has some background on the SPLC here. Not surprisingly, the rapidly mutating standards of what constitutes “hate” have to do with sexual envy. More on that sometime soon.

If you read through the articles, you will see why I call them the world’s richest civil rights organization, and perhaps why I have a hard time resisting the urge to come up with new names that fit the acronym SPLC. Like Superior Poshtots Losing Control.

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