Friends of Logos Classic Rock Concert

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So the time has come for me to encourage all you who area within driving distance of Moscow to make a point of coming to the concert this Thursday night (3/30/17) at the Nuart Theater—at 7 of the pm. This event is our kick-off to the Grace Agenda, which extends into the weekend. Please check that out also.

Now when I say “encourage,” what I mean is “imperiously demand.” Well, maybe not demand, but I do want to say this event is always a boatload of fun. The evening is dedicated to a mash-up of classic rock as performed by a bunch of people engaged in the important work of classical education. These are two things you don’t normally associate with one another, but once you experience it, you realize that it is kind of like chocolate and peanut butter—strangers with a shared destiny.

There will be two sets—the first on the lighter side of classic rock, the second heavier. Come for one set or both, depending on your tolerances. Now by saying “lighter side,” I do not mean to indicate easy listening or soft rock. Nothing here by the Carpenters. A couple songs from the first set, for example, would be, Sharp Dressed Man and Call Me the Breeze. The second set has songs like Sultans of Swing and Somebody to Love. I will be participating on two of the songs this year—Call Me the Breeze and City of New Orleans. If I were any better I would probably be showing off on these songs, but as it is I will be behaving with modesty and decorum.

There will be open guitar cases around so that you can contribute, with all the proceeds being donated to Logos School. We hope to see you there.

Here is the event’s Facebook page, and below is the concert’s promo video. Enjoy.

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Valerie (Kyriosity)
5 years ago

Note to self: keep an eye out so you don’t trip on the open guitar cases.

Clint Hughes
Clint Hughes
5 years ago

Hey, thanks for getting the word out, brother, you’re always so faithful to do so when these concerts roll around. I’m glad to hear you’ll “behaving with modesty and decorum”, you’ll balance out the rest of us yahoos. Here’s a direct link to some of the rehearsal photos, they’re kind of buried on the event page. They’re lots of fun to scroll through.