French Fries and Diet Coke

Just got a card in the mail that breathlessly announced to me that a bunch of Bill Sali’s campaign war chest, not to mention that of Robert Vasquez, comes from “out of state special interests.” Whoa. That’s bad, we are supposed to think. Then the thought comes, who was kind enough to get word of this outrage to my mailbox? So, I looks at the return address, I does. Lo and whaddayaknow, the altruistic people who sent me this word are located in Denver, Colorado. Some people think that I have a low view of politics. But I really don’t; the entertainment values are priceless. The League of Conservation Voters in Denver want to warn me that Bill Sali of Idaho is getting some support from out of state? So if he gets opposition from Colorado, it would seem to cancel out, like 5 and negative 5. But these people must think it works more like French fries and Diet Coke.

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