Floral Theology

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“Let me take a moment to conduct a very brief tour of the Narnian tulip garden — a place of fond memories for me because this is where I first learned my foundational lessons in the meaning of grace. Now I admit that these are Narnian tulips, so they don’t look quite the same as what we are used to — they are larger, for one, and they open to the sun more quickly than those that some of our stricter brethren have duct-taped shut. Nevertheless, we should be able to quickly recognize the gaudy splash of colors that characterize our floral theology. It is either the Calvinist tulip or the Arminian daisy — ‘He loves me, He loves me not . . .'” (From The Romantic Rationalist, pp. 72-73).

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Charlie Long
9 years ago

That’s the most cheerfully clever thing I’ve read all day.