Flash Psalm Sing, Round Two

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Just got back from today’s flash psalm sing. I initially thought we were going to have around 400 folks, but by the time we were done it seemed more like 500. In any case, there were way more people than we had on Wednesday. There were no policemen in evidence this time, for which we thank the Lord, but we did have (my guess) about 25 counter protesters. A bunch of them had signs specializing in the non sequitur, and also a number of drums, in order to drown out our singing. They did an admirable job in making us sing uphill, but we had a glorious time anyhow.

They were nothing if not industrious, occasionally rising to the level of a bad junior pep rally. At the very end, on behalf of the music ministry of Christ Church, I apologized for our accompanists and promised to do better in the future.

In all seriousness, in just a short while you should be able to see a bunch of video clips of the event circulating online. And as you look straight at our leftist percussionists, doing their level best to smother anything that dissents from their privileged and very fragile views, you need to recognize exactly what is going to happen to all of your liberties if people like that ever come into power.

With necks full of fury, they tried to keep God from hearing our praise.