Fixing the Omelet

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“It is not possible to make a good omelet with rotten eggs. The new birth deals with the eggs. The church, whenever she is not animated by the regenerating Spirit of God, tries to fix the problematic omelet by means of kitchen upgrades, better recipes, graduate studies for the cooks, and more” (Against the Church, p. 68).

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Tim Bushong
10 years ago

Amen, Doug. The doctrine of regeneration is soooo the bedrock-fundamental to our reformed theology. I kinda wish that we had a different term for it, since the actual word regeneration, as used in the Bible, is used in Matt. 19:28 (KJV) to describe the “new world”, and also in Titus 3:5, where Paul references the “washing of regeneration”. which is sometimes interpreted to mean the rite of baptism.
Maybe we can call it the doctrine of “born-from-above-ness”…?