Five Yards of Truth

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“The rationalism that we inherited from the Enlightenment has trained us all to think that everything that we really ‘know’ is that which can be objectively measured and doled out in credit hours. We have created a great illusory mechanism for making ourselves think that we know how people actually know things. And we identify what they know in terms of what we can measure” (From To You and Your Children, p. 201).

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9 years ago

Wittaker Chamber’s book Witness is a several stories in one book–biography, a tale of defeating covert communism in America in the early 20’th century, a tale of hope and, primarily, a tale of his conversion. He writes of this ‘knowing’ you speak of in chapter XVII (about page 83 of my edition). The passage is too long to repeat here. if you have the book, I recommend a re-reading of this section. If you do not, I recommend it as it is a happy story and it is apropos to our times today as a reminder of who we where,… Read more »