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Since we dropped the news that my son and two of my grandsons are being prosecuted by the City of Moscow for stickering like good Americans, a few questions have naturally arisen. I thought I would take a brief moment to answer just a handful of them here. No particular order.

Why at Night?

This was a political protest of the city’s illegal behavior in arresting three of our people at a psalm sing. The idea of a protest is to get the word out, and putting up stickers in the middle of the day would likely have been stopped right away. The point was to make a public statement about the arrests, not an ineffectual statement.

Why Do Something Illegal?

That question would be better addressed to the City of Moscow. What the boys did was not at all illegal, and what the city has been doing throughout the course of all these events has been one illegality on top of the previous one. So if there is a concern about people acting in illegal ways, all such questions should be referred to the city, along with a request that the city consider knocking it off. Start with the boys being arrested, separated, and questioned without being Mirandized.

Legal Defense Fund?

Yes, there is a legal defense fund. You can read more about it here. And while we are on the point, Nancy and I would like to express our deep appreciation to everyone who has contributed.

Can I Get a Sticker?

Yes, yes you can. They are available here, and all proceeds go to the legal defense fund. And it might be a good idea to hold one in reserve, if you get one and live in the Moscow area. For a day might come when everyone decides all at once that it is time to act like a good American.

Body Cams & Such

I have heard that the word is being circulated that the Moscow police don’t even have body cams, and so the nefarious spin we are putting on the lack of footage is unwarranted. To which I will only reply that if there is any possible way for us to demonstrate the contrary, as somebody ought to know there well might be, to make such claims is not actually helping your case. It is simply the staging platform for further embarrassment for the city.


Some have tried to raise the idea that the boys are simply hooligans, disrespecting the mores, customs, and laws of our people. Actually they are carrying on a long tradition of our people, that of resisting political tin-pottery. And the boys are godly young men, good athletes, superb students, and well-respected in the community.

For Shame

Through the course of all this, a certain anonymous someone has taken to snipping articles, editorials, or letters to the editor and mailing them to me. The last one had shame, shame, shame written in the margin. Written by the person embarrassed by his own name.