Enlarged for Joy

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“Think of the love of God as a vast infinite ocean, an ocean of liquefied light. Our resurrection bodies are containers that have been specially fashioned to be able to hold it—to hold it in fullness, and without any leakage whatever. Now there is nothing mercenary about it if we discover that some saints lived and loved in such a way that when they came to the resurrection, they were a quart jar. Others were a gallon, and others were five gallons. The apostle Paul, when he arrived, was a fifty gallon drum. What is the difference between these containers? In one sense, nothing. They are all filled to the brim with the same thing. They all experience the maximum delight that they can experience. But some, because of how they have grown in grace, have a larger capacity for joy. Their heart was enlarged. And where they currently are, the little half-pint Christians will soon enough be. But when they get there, the others will be farther on by that point, but that’s all right. This is not a footrace. Further up and further in” (Mere Fundamentalism, p. 115).