Dumb in the Grand Style

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“How many of us have had the experience of staring at a movie screen, thinking that thing up there the ‘dumbest thing I ever saw,’ while at the same time reeling under the weight of the knowledge that the dumbest thing you ever saw cost 75 million to make? And somebody — let us call him Mr. Chump — coughed that money up” (Rules, p. 256).

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7 years ago

The dead thing was watching the subordinate corporate guys mouth the corporate line and repeat how great the thing was.

Come to think of it, that’s the problem with “501c3 Christianity”. Hard truths are not spoken, repentance is delayed and the quality that we yearn for is not made manifest. Meanwhile, the CEO’s of the organization parade around telling us how great everything is, when, in our hearts, we feel ripped off.

(Pastor Wilson, I am not referring to you when I speak of these things….I thank you for letting us speak of them here)