Discouraged by the Madness?

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If you are tempted to be discouraged by the madness of the year 2020, with the waves of our demented culture frothing the way they do, just remember that they are doing this because they are crashing into the everlasting rocks of God’s purposes. All of this is occurring, all of it, in the palm of God’s hand. So always remember the opening words of this great Genevan psalm: “Why do the heathen nations vainly rage, what prideful schemes are they in vain devising . . .?”

The words below are not words from Scripture, but they are a good testimony to the fact that there really is nothing new under the sun.

“Stable government will be at an end; one faction will prevail over another, caring nothing in their day of power for king or leading men of rank. A man may want to visit a city, but will not be able to do so; for ambition and rivalry will have reduced cities to chaos, destroyed houses and filled men with panic. A man will violently assault his neighbor’s house and plunder his goods; no pity will restrain him, when he is in the grip of famine and grinding misery.”

2 Esdras 15:16-19 (NEB)

So when you stare agape at one more unbelievable round of the evening news, you wonder aloud, “What is happening?” It is fine to ask the question — necessary to ask the question, in fact — but make sure you conclude with the biblical answer. God is throwing the pride of man headlong into the cauldron of his self-made inconsistencies and contradictions. That is what is happening.

Explains everything. If you need reassurance on the point, just play Psalm 2 again.