Dark Secrets of the Federal Vision

Here is one of our anti-flyers floating around town. HT: Dale Courtney

Dale does a good job pointing out some of the anomalies. If you go to the Fugitive Press website that sponsored the flyer, you can see my favorite out of this batch, which is the implication that doctored urine to hide your doping proclivities from your employer . . . is a traditional American value.

But my absolute favorite is that fact that our local lesbians, dopers, and hard leftists of the Ward Churchill stripe, along with assorted other progressives, have taken up the cry against the “federal vision.” They don’t know what it is exactly, but it sounds sinister, and so they are now quoting the pronouncements of dark microbrew presbyteries and the more weighty pronouncements of the Bud Lite Assembly to heighten the indignation of all.

If I didn’t have a sense of humor, I think that one day I would just pop. But as it is, I am quite well, thank you.

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