Creme de la Creme

A few days ago, a comment on one of my posts noted that Southern Slavery As It Was had been dropped from the banned and/or challenged list of the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression. Today when I had a moment, I went to check, and, sure enough, there our booklet wasn’t. In other words, not only was our little booklet banned initially, making it to a banned book list (what an honor!), but then it was subsequently banned from the banned book list. This now makes me officially one of the most conservative people in America. Banned from a banned book list! This is better than making the sweet sixteen.

It is hard to be certain how this surpassing honor for me developed, but I would warrant that our local busy-pants intoleristas have been making some frenetic phone calls. This is something they specialize in, and I would like to formally note their exceptional diligence. Try to imagine them as Joseph McCarthy, only without the real communists to chase. These are folks with a real sense of mission.

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