Control Your Own Body, Aye

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One of the most interesting aspects of the health care debate is watching people who have spent a good portion of their adult lives saying “A,” who then under the pressure of their own position’s internal illogic come out saying “not A.” We are now at that place. Mark Steyn has pointed out, quite aptly, that in the health care debate we are now discussing the nationalization of your body and mine. But he needs to press the argument one step further. Most of those pressing us to adopt some health travesty or other (“Time is essential, so let us act now. Whattaya mean, ‘read the bill’? Time’s a wastin’!”) are those who have been maintaining, in the abortion debate, that women should have the right to control their own bodies.

Well, here is a news flash. Whether an unborn child is part of a woman’s body is the point of contention between those who love life and those who don’t. There shouldn’t be, but at least there is a debate there. But there is no contention or debate over whether your hips, knees, liver, heart, or lungs are part of your body. And you, acting through your elected representative, are about to cede control of your body over to death panels, delay-of-surgery panels, wait-till-next-fiscal-year panels, and we-don’t-think-you-really-need-that panels. Women, men, and children are about to lose control of what really does make up their bodies.

This is just like that other popular saying on the Left — keep the government out of bedrooms. Okay, I’m for that. Currently the governments tells us how far apart the sheetrock screws have to be, how big the windows have to be for egress in case of fire, how far apart the electric outlets have to be, what kind of chemicals can be in the paint, and whether or not we can cut that tag off the mattress without getting the FBI involved. Sure, let’s get government out of our bedrooms. Oh, you didn’t mean that? You just meant you wanted them to be mute where God actually revealed something to us (as in, no, you can’t marry your sister), and having begun the disobedience there, to legislate endlessly and like crazy about everything else, dictating the most minute details about your bedroom?

If this foolishness makes sense to you, then you need to stop watching the propaganda. Unplug your cable, and cancel your subscription to Netflix. Ride a bike. Read a good book. Take a walk. Clear your head.

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