Coming This Summer

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I will have a good deal to say about this in the weeks to come, but I wanted to make one crucial point before the day was over. It is a point that will have to be made repeatedly, so we might as well start making it now.

All the conservatives who condemned this last year’s rioting in Minneapolis, and Portland, and Kenosha, and other places, have the right to condemn this as well—as many of them have, and as do I. John Knox once condemned a rioting crowd, rioters on his side, as that “rascal multitude.” Genuine conservatives have the right and the responsibility to condemn this kind of thing, as we most certainly do.

But if you are a supporter of BLM, or any other of those “mostly peaceful” protests, you have a moral obligation to shut up, sit down, and contemplate the new order you have helped to usher in. You cannot normalize violence as a standard tool for politics, and then be shocked when others take you up on your standing invitation. Welcome to the world you have created for us all. The “new normal” is not everybody wearing masks like they were told to. No, the new normal is something else entirely,

This is just the trailer. The movie doesn’t release until this summer. I believe they call them blockbusters.

Postscript: We need to make a point of running a thorough background check on everyone arrested in the Capitol. Some of those folks don’t seem to fit the template, if you know what I’m saying.