Christ For Us

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“Irenaeus refers to this as recapitulation. British theologian N.T. Wright calls the Lord’s life work in this the reconstitution of Israel. Classic Reformed theology calls it the active obedience of Christ. What it means, simply, is Christ for us. In your salvation, you were not given a fraction of Christ, but rather were given all that He ever did . . . In the life of Jesus, Israel finally does it right, and He does it right on behalf of all Israel, all who are gathered to Him by faith” (God Rest Ye Merry, p. 50).

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Tim H
Tim H
10 years ago

Why not say instead, “reconstitution of humanity”?
Why not say instead, “Adam finally does it right”?

10 years ago

I think Doug’s saying it the way he did because God first narrowed down the plan before he broadened it to the utmost.  He zeroed in on Abraham to start a nation and from there, took it forward through Christ to encompass the world.  So Israel becomes redefined. 
I really like N. T. Wright.  I know of very few theologians who are as profound as he.  And yes, that great Barthian sentiment holds true: Christ is for us!