Chicks in Chain Mail

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The more our modern social engineers mess with the natural order of things, the more evident it becomes that cultures, like individuals, reap what they sow. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Sow folly and you reap the whirlfolly.

Still more evidence for this, as if we needed more evidence, is the nature of the prisoner abuse photos coming out of Iraq. A striking feature of this abuse is the sexual nature of it. Taking the phrases from the world of sword and sorcery pulp, Jim Jordan notes that it is not surprising that we have readily moved from “chicks in chainmail” to “chicks and chained males.”

It is evident that this particular unit had suffered a radical breakdown in discipline and order. For those who want to assign the responsibility for this, a responsibility that goes beyond the immediate participants, a good place to start is with contemporary radical feminism. And their shills in the Pentagon.

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