Book of the Month/August 2018

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This small book was simply a lot of fun, and for various reasons. If I had read it the way you are likely to do, it would have been a lot of fun on its own terms. But I have had the background privilege of knowing all the principals involved in it.

Every year, four gents in our church community head off for a jaunt of sailing around in the Puget Sound, in the San Juan Islands neighborhood. Three of these fellows are from Christ Church and one from our sister congregation Trinity Reformed. After some years of storing up raconteur material, they told their stories to a writer in our church community, who wrote it up, with adjectives and everything, and had another friend paint the cover for the book, and there you are.

The book is easy to read, and done very well. There are spots that are laugh-out-loud funny, and other spots that make you grateful they somehow made it through, and maybe even a few places where those two combine. One of our four friends gave us a copy of the book, which Nancy sat down and read right away. I picked it up right after that, and we both enjoyed it very much.

You will enjoy it thoroughly also, but, of course, only if you buy and read it. I hope I don’t have to spell this out.

The book is titled Four Guys in a Boat, and you can find it here.