Black and Tan Is Now Here

About halfway down this page on the right side, you can see the cover of the just released Black & Tan. That book is now available and the good folks at Canon Press are standing by to take your order (1-800-488-2034). Or, if you prefer, click on the picture here and order it on-line. There are many admirable things the release of this book should accomplish, and we may include the fact that it is likely to bring down the price of used bootleg copies of Southern Slavery As It Was. In some places that price got up around a hundred clams, which one guy in the Amazon comments section thought was a strong indicator of my marketing ineptitude.

Another goal we have for the book is this: we hope it will irritate the whitey-tighties who despise all other races and cultures, as well as the intoleristas, who do the same with their own.

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