Beware All Isms Except for Prisms

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One other follow-up on the accusations of my adversaries that I am a racist. Instead of denying the charge (as framed by them), I simply want to point out the grotesque nature of racism inflation. That all-purpose word is now supposed to represent anyone or anything that opposes or interferes with their agenda. And if they get to define the term, then of course I am a racist, by definition. These folks thrive on isms with which to generate ever new classes of victims — sexism, and ageism, and speciesism, and lookism.

To the extent we use the term at all (and it is increasingly unusable), we ought to reserve application of the term to belief systems that require us to hold the genetic supremacy of one race over another, belief systems like Darwinism for instance. Once opposition to minimum-wage laws becomes “racist,” it will not be long before driving on the right side of the road is.

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