Being Out of Place Doesn’t Mean Uncomfortable . . .

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I had the pleasure of filling the pulpit this morning at All Souls in Lewiston, a church plant of Christ Church. We were joined there by IV Conerly, who was visiting, along with the Chocolate Knox and his delightful family. After the service IV gave us his recent (rap) album entitled The Unknown God. A little bit later, Nancy and I had our nice drive back to Moscow, and so we listened to our very first rap album together. Now I cannot claim that I rolled down the windows at intersections, in order to make the windows of the other cars throb, but I have to confess that I did at least think about it.

Roll Coal
I am like a turnip in the punch bowl.

Before making my (appreciative) comments, let me confess that I really am out of my element. I am like the owner of a Prius at a Rolling Coal conference. I am like Chris Rock at a Monster Truck rally. I am like Richard Dawkins at a soup kitchen testimony meeting.

The first thing is that it reinforced my earlier thoughts on rap. This was good work, and a great example of what I was talking about here. The second thing is that it was borne in on me how heavily trochaic this art form is. I like trochaic. And last, I am excited about how much opportunity lies before these guys. The fields are white unto harvest.

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Daniel Foucachon
9 years ago

I think THIS photo should be linked here. :)