Aphorisms on Liberty

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Say it with aphorisms.

Free men will fight for their liberty, but slaves will not. So if a slave fights, he is already free.

Liberty is not porn and pot.

Liberty is much praised and rarely treasured.

True liberty is greatly praised, and not at all understood.

When Mammon is the master, the people are slaves. When liberty is master, then mammon is a servant.

The slaves were brought out of Egypt long before Egypt was removed from the slaves.

Pharaoh offered a rigorous full employment program.

Christians drift into slavery because they have allowed slaves to preach to them.

Whenever slaves preach, they only know how to preach more slavery.

Romans 13 is a small room in a great mansion, and the house servants have locked themselves into it. They thought they heard a noise.

Many ministers are refusing to lead their people in the ways of liberty because their mortgages are too big, their browser history too tawdry, and their wives too fearful.

Seminaries are the places where the preacher/slaves have the chains fitted so they don’t chafe too badly. The better seminaries use ankle bracelets that are only activated when certain subjects arise and get too close.

The two kingdom chains are the most popular. One for the left leg and the other for the right.

Are these hard words? Just compare them to the next volume of government regulations, soon to be released. The regulations are released, not you.

Hard words create tender hearts. Soft words flatter the slave, and create hard hearts.

There is not a major Christian conference platform today that Patrick Henry wouldn’t be hooted off.

The state is the opiate of the masses.

Pornography is the library of slaves.

Porn is the catechism for slaves. What is the chief end of slaves?

Porn is the first and most obvious bribe that can be offered to a slave.

Porn is the soporific of slaves.

Porn is the opiate of the masses.

If you fight for the liberty to indulge vice, you are fighting for the kind of liberty that can be experienced in a six by eight prison cell.

When you fight for your liberty to move about the country, start a business, run your own affairs, raise your family unmolested, and walk down the street without a mask, you are fighting for genuine civic liberty. But genuine civic liberty is not available apart from a widespread and effective preaching of free grace in Christ.

A slave can be secured with an iron chain, but a velvet rope has also frequently been used.

Apart from the gospel of Christ, and the free grace it proclaims, the ordinary condition of mankind is poverty and slavery.

Liberty is not natural, but rather supernatural.

Man was created to be free, but through his sin and rebellion he fell into slavery.

God created mankind for liberty, and so after we wrecked it, He gave us His Son to retrieve our liberty from the bottom.

To be gospel-centered is to be hostile to every form of slavery.

Socialism is for those slaves who are bad at math.

When a generation of slaves inherits free institutions from their free ancestors, they are like a band of chimpanzees in the jungle who find an abandoned all-terrain Jeep with a full tank of gas.

Slavery crackles with envy.

Power arises from the people, and so the power wielded over them reflects the nature of the people. A guilty people will of necessity have hard masters, and a righteous people will have rulers who are restrained.

In the long run, the people always get the government they deserve and secretly want.

The rulers that exist are appointed by God. But they are appointed by Him through the instrumentality of the people.

Tyrants are therefore a handy excuse, a convenient evasion.

Only a people riddled with guilt could have fallen for lies as transparent as the lies that we are being told.

If the people start wearing goggles also, as per the current expert advice, then this only means that the gods of the ludicrous have decided to just mess with them.

They will have moved from cultural Marxism to the cultural Marx brothers.

After the goggles, the propeller hats are next. Whenever the propeller spins, it blows the virus down next to your feet. Experts say this is the only way to be truly safe. Think of your children.

If you believe the experts when they tell you this is a deadly pandemic, do you also believe them when they say that a boy is a girl? That the weather is climate? That red ink is black ink? That healthy people are sick people? That slavery is liberty? Suddenly it all makes sense.

Governments do not bestow any right to liberty whatever. Governments can, however, if they are righteous, recognize that God has done so.

Governments rarely want to recognize that God is the only one who can bestow liberty.

No modern Congress could have passed the Bill of Rights.

Wearing a mask is supposed to be a sign of love for neighbor. That must be why we have seen such a surge of snitching, snapping, and snarling.

The human race is governed by a mysterious providence that also holds sway over the depths of metaphor. We have agreed to cover our faces so readily because we no longer have faces.

The way out is repentance, but we should start by repenting those vices that we somehow thought were our virtues.

Docility is not obedience. Compliance is not submission. Laziness is not righteous citizenship.

We have had to cover our faces because in our conceit we just assumed we had faces.

On those occasions when you must wear a mask, put it over your mouth the way Job put his hand over his mouth. Let the cloth mask be a stand-in for sackcloth.

The country is so corrupt because Christian worship is corrupt.

When the salt is being trampled on by men, we already have the Lord’s evaluation of how salty it was.

Unless Christ delivers us, and soon, it is only going to get more chaotic, increasingly violent, and manifestly sillier.

Christians are to worship the Lord with unveiled faces because He is in the process of sculpting our faces.

Unless we learn to face up to Heaven, we will never be able to face down a tyrant.