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I have very little to say about Jason’s next chapter because it was really very good. If I hunted around I know I could find something to argue with, but that would be a waste of time. This was a very good chapter. He begins with a discussion of Luther’s contrast between a theology of the cross and a theology of glory and, while retaining the point of Luther’s concern, shows how it is simplistic to set death and resurrection in opposition to one another. They are both essential parts of the same glorious story.

He moves on to a detailed discussion of Romans 7 and 8, showing how the description in Romans 7 is eschatological, not existential. His point here is very strong, although I would want to retain Paul’s “autobiography” here as being representative of Israel’s eschatological dilemma (in addition to her desperate need for forgiveness). But that either/or business aside, Jason’s basic point here is very good. Way to go, wahoo, all that.

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