A Two Party System

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I have to qualify my political observations on a regular basis because it is always and everywhere assumed that to speak the truth about the Democrats makes one a Republican. But I am not a Republican. I belong to that school of thought which maintains that we have a two-party system: the Evil Party and the Stupid Party. I write what I do because the monkeyshines of the Evil Party are getting so egregious these days that to refrain from commenting would reveal a heart of stone (as Oscar Wilde said of anyone who could read, without laughing, about the death of Little Nell). H. L. Mencken once defined democracy as the art of running the zoo from the monkey house, and what social observer could resist commenting on this fine pair preening themselves for their proposed move to the head of the primate pack?

So, Old Botox Face and Mr. Schmooze Bucket, the Democratic nominees, commend themselves to the electorate. And they are doing so in the name of authenticity!

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