A Corker from Peter Hitchens

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Peter Hitchens has written a corker about the Archbishop of C, a corker which I would commend to you here.

I am constantly astounding by those who think that fruit can mysteriously continue to show up in crates every autumn after we have chopped down the tree in June. As in C.S. Lewis’ famous observation from The Abolition of Man, we laugh at honor and then are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings to be fruitful. Examples of this myopia can be found everywhere, in every field of human endeavor — at least in every field of human endeavor that the wooly thinkers have gotten to. For example, envious whiners on the left want everyone in the world to have access to middle class wealth, no poverty anywhere, yay, but they have nothing but contempt for those middle class values that would make such a desirable thing possible.

But let’s come back to the Archbishop’s statement that Muslims find Christianity “offensive.” Poor babies. Even after making every possible allowance for an Englishman’s idea of thundering apologetics (“Might one also be able to say, at the end of the day . . .?”), this one really gets cravenness rolled out to new lengths. If Rowan Williams really wants to take stock of what people find offensive, it is episcocal seats occupied by invertebrates. “Dear, dear, dear, these people have flooded our nation by the million, and I am afraid that far from us making them feel welcome, they actually find some of our residual customs off-putting. Let’s try to fix that in the next go, shall we?”

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