Classicum Saxum

For those of you who are in the Moscow area tonight, I would remind you of the Logos Dads Band concert, starting at the NuArt theater at 7 pm. The whole thing will family-friendly, but if you are the kind of person who might want to bring earplugs because of the loudness, you might want to bring earplugs. We are doing a bunch of covers, with songs like China Grove, Long Cool Woman, Barracuda, Spirit in the Sky, and many others in the classicum saxum genre. A generous and anonymous donor has covered all the costs associated with production, and so your attention will be periodically drawn to two open guitar cases where you can give to Logos School, and this means that 100% of our busking proceeds will go to the school. Although not in a subway, we trust that our busking will give satisfaction. We hope to see you there.

One of our rehearsals. That's Idaho in the background there. That's where we live.
One of our rehearsals. That’s Idaho in the background there. That’s where we live.

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Last year’s was such a blast. Unless I get hit by a bus on the way (or can’t find a parking space, which is a more likely scenario considering they’re as scarce as buses around here), I’ll be there!

doug sayers
doug sayers

Well, you’re talkin’ ’bout China Grove – I might have to make the drive from OH. Will Francis n Donna be there?

Scott Tenerman
Scott Tenerman

My Dad’s from Idaho. I can see why he misses it.


Hello Doug Wilson. Here are a couple songs to help you toward your profession to be eclectic (not so sure about that) in your musical tastes.

Atomic Opera’s cover of Kemper Crabb’s “A Malediction”:

Alice Cooper’s “Brutal Planet”:

Carson Spratt

Whoa, someone else who likes Kemper Crabb. Awesome.


Kemper Crabb’s craft-competence is quite high. Here is the original version of “A Malediction”: (it requires RealPlayer, though)

Jason Coghill can sing well, too:

Kemper’s “A Malediction,” being an anti-abortion song, here is an additional one by Grammatrain entitled, “Execution”:

Lyrical excerpt:

“Oh dissolve my voice for your woman’s choice! My execution, it’s your revolution! I spill my blood on ‘civil’ hands. And I pay to make you free! Free! Oh, Nation murders me, yeah, with politicians’ dreams, now silencing my screams, screams, screams! My execution, it’s your revolution!” — Grammatrain