With the Piano Bits

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Those following this blog know that on March 11 we will be holding a benefit concert for Logos School — an evening where classical education meets classic rock. As the event continues to come together, it is promising to be a really fun event. If the event is only as much fun as the practices have been, it will be a grand success. We have musicians putting in a day’s drive in order to be able to make a practice, and that kind of dedication is hard to find. My thanks to them. Our last run through of Sweet Home Alabama, with the piano bits, was a sight to behold, if a song can be described as a sight.

But you know, the point of a benefit concert is to raise funds, not just to raise fun. This is just one of many times when a d and an s can make all the difference in the world. You know?
Earlier this week I mentioned that we had some exciting news in this regard, and here it is.

We have had several substantive gifts, together totaling 30K (one of them for 25K), given in a matching grant fashion. That means that everything we raise up to 30K will then be doubled. If you are inclined to pray for this event, please ask that we be blessed to go into the evening with that 60K already raised. Then we can just relax and let the solo on Freebird do the rest.

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