Two New E-Books

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I have added two new eBooks to my Mablog Shop eWarehouse—you can find them at the top of the listings here. You may click on either of the covers to get there, but let me explain them briefly here.

One is a collection of quotes of mine, a chrestomathy, on the subject of education. The quotes are from all over—well, not from all over because I don’t have anything there from Recovering the Lost Tools or from Repairing the Ruins. But there will be subsequent editions, Lord willing, and some pithy sayings from those places will be inserted as well. Also I hope to release additional little chrestomathies, on topics like Calvinism, Postmillennialism, and so on.

The second book is called A Parliament of Pots, and is a collection of various parabolic sketches I have written over the years, going back to the early years of Credenda.

As is true of just about every item in the Mablog bookshop, each one of these books costs one dollar, one clam, one greenback, one buck, and you get the picture.