And a Warm Welcome to Tucker Viewers

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A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of flying out to wherever Tucker’s studio is, maybe in the Maldives somewhere, and sitting down with him for an interview. The teaser is below:

And the full interview can be found here, behind the pay wall. Check it out.

And if there is one thing I could ask you to take away from that interview it would be the point that there is no political solution for the mess we are in. And precisely because there is no hope for a political fix, there is a profound reason for hope. Politics is no savior, but politics can indeed be saved . . . because politics is most certainly a sinner.

Most of my books and video content comes out of Canon Press, and so you should not be surprised that the folks at Canon thought that they should do something in order to welcome new inquiries about what the heck is going on, and so I would invite you to check out this particular page.

Just a few other comments that might help to orient you. Since you are reading this, you have obviously found my blog site, Blog & Mablog. If you scroll down below the two latest blog posts (as configured on the landing page), you will find a row of my books, and below that a row of various institutions that I am involved with. This should connect you with pretty all the pies I have a finger in. And off to the right is some background info under About the Proprietor, and just below that is a Critical Questions block that will take you to three summary statements on issues that are frequently raised. And because—let us be frank, you and I—I have many adversaries, whether groypers to the right or commies to the left, we also have provided a more extensive Controversy Library. This is for those of you who have earnest questions about whether this is a reliable ministry. It is also for those of you who have nothing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon. You could clean the garage, but scrolling through these controversies might be easier.

All of this said, if you have found us through the Tucker interview, you are most welcome. In addition, if you are hungry for more content, we have a torrent of content for you over at Canon +.