Surprised By Scripture

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Surprised by Scripture Book Cover Surprised by Scripture
N. T. Wright
June 3, 2014

Bishop, Bible scholar, and bestselling author N. T. Wright here provides a series of case studies on how to apply the Bible to the pressing issues of today. Among the topics Wright addresses are the intersection of religion and science, why women should be allowed to be ordained, what we get wrong and how we can do better when Christians engage in politics, why the Christian belief in heaven means we should be at the forefront of the environmental movement, and many more. Wright fearlessly wades through the difficult issues facing us. Readers will find new models for understanding how to affirm the Bible in today's world as well as encouragement and renewed energy for deepening our faith and engaging with the culture around us.

A true mixed bag. Some chapters were very good, and a number of them were lame. The three stars is therefore an average.

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