Grace Upon Grace

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Nancy and I are currently living with my father, Jim Wilson, who is 92-years-old. After many years of fruitful ministry — teaching, writing, and evangelism — a number of years ago my father asked me what I thought he should do with the rest of his time. Without hesitating, I said, “Write your autobiography.” I said this because my father has more stories than Carter’s got pills. And so he set to it, almost right away. Every week, when I would pick him up to take him to our sabbath dinner, he would hand me another sheaf of hand-written reminisces.

The subtitle says it all: “Nine decades of stories from a Farm Boy, Midshipman, Officer, and Evangelist.” And stories there are in abundance. The most remarkable one would probably have to be the time his destroyer hit a mine in the course of the Korean War. Just that by itself would be exciting enough, but the hand of providence that was plainly visible throughout that incident was quite frankly staggering.

If you want to get a copy of this book, then I am here to help you learn how that can be easily done. Click on this link, and there you go. This probably should go without saying, but it will almost certainly explain a lot.