Find Out Who She Is And Marry Her

I am currently reading, and very much enjoying, Debbie Maken’s book, Getting Serious About Getting Married. My wife read it and reviewed it for Credenda a few months back. This is one of those “about time” books. My father, who has been counseling young people about affairs of the heart for half a century or more, has a standard template for young men who have reached the age of twenty-eight without also reaching the altar. “Find out who she is, and marry her.”

Whether you initially agree or not, at the very least, those who are older and single really need to read through this discussion. I have added Maken’s book to my list of recommended books on the left, and after you order the book and are waiting impatiently for it to arrive, you can get started by reading through this article, and by checking out Maken’s blog.

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