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This is an odd one on a number of levels. The central oddity is why this isn’t found in all the regular news outlets and blogs. If you google “Supreme Court,” “Souter,” and “Obama’s birth certificate,” you will find the information in a bunch of cyber-backwater places. I haven’t found this discussed in any of the normal places I would expect to find it — like Drudge, for example. I find the lack of coverage somewhat disconcerting, as though this were an Internet hoax that has not yet gone viral.

The story goes like this: the gentleman Berg who filed suit to obtain a copy of Obama’s birth certificate before the election had his case dismissed because he didn’t have “standing.” He then tried to get a stay of the presidential election from the Supreme Court, which was denied . . . but here is where it gets interesting. Justice Souter did not throw the case out entirely. Souter did require Obama to provide the Supreme Court a vault copy of his birth certificate by December 1. The Electoral College does not meet to elect Obama as the president until December 13.

Obama could refuse to do what Souter required. If he does, then there are two possibilities. First, the country could “not care.” Second, the country could care very much. If the country opts for the “can’t be bothered” approach, then the Supreme Court could drop it (not likely), or do something that would make the country have to care. If the country cares, then Obama will have to do what the Supreme Court says.

If he submits a valid vault certificate, then everybody will say, “What was all that about?” and Obama can go back to appointing Clinton retreads. But if the birth certificate is not valid, and it turns out that Obama was born in Kenya and is therefore not qualified to serve as president, then the ensuing race riots will be the least of our worries.

I honestly have no idea if there is a problem with the birth certificate. But if there turns out to be a problem, I would like to make at least one prediction about the resultant accusations that will be flying about. If it turns out that Obama tried to cheat his way into the presidency . . . here comes my prediction . . . those who caught him in that effort will be the ones accused of cheating and “stealing” the election.

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