Down on the Banks of the Ohio

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The last few days Nancy and I have been speaking at the 2010 Midwest Homeschooling Convention in Cincinnati. The event is simply gargantuan (upwards of four thousand families), and vendor booths stretching over the horizon. Our many thanks to the organizers for inviting us; we had a grand time.

I had a good conversation here with Jay Ryan of Fourth Day Press about one of the most notable curricular deficiencies in the resurgence of classical education, and that would be in the area of astronomy. His web site is here, and a very accessible textbook is here. He is promoting “a visual understanding of the visible sky,” which sounds to me like a good thing to promote.

Nancy and I were also privileged to have lunch yesterday with Doug Phillips of Vision Forum. We had a very good time, and were able to ask one another about stuff we had heard. Turns out we had both heard stuff.

And this morning, I will be preaching for the saints at Holy Trinity Church here. They meet at 9:45 at Mars Hill Academy in Mason, Ohio.

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