Credenda Through the Ears

If I might, I would like to draw your attention to your immediate left, where you will at first think you are seeing double, only up and down, not left and right. But the Credenda cover underneath the first one is actually the image for Credenda audio, a new feature around these parts. A closer look will reveal a silver round thingy, which is a partial image of what we 21st centurians like to call a “disk.” On this “disk,” you will hear the various columns of that issue of Credenda read aloud to you, usually by the writers themselves. This will reveal, on occasion, that some of the words we know how to use are not really words we know how to pronounce. But, taking one thing with another, you will get the general drift. And, because this is going into your ears, instead of in through your eyes, this means means that Credenda-like thoughts will start accumulating in a completely different part of your brain. You can order this by clicking on the lower image there, or on this. Once you get to the Canon page that carries this, you will be pleased to notice that there is a place to click that will allow you to hear a sample.

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